Biff rose children of light

Sneezing herself off a stool, Sophia sprains both ankles. Dorothy is busy with a conference, Blanche has her seven-year-old granddaughter visiting, and Rose...well, Rose is Rose, so Dorothy hires Nurse Defarge from Shady Pines to help out. At first Sophia isn't crazy about the notion of Dorothy employing the "Angel of Death" but quickly acquiesces when she's able to manipulates Defarge. Nurse Defarge becomes so domineering that Dorothy fires her which immediately send Sophia into faked whelps of agony. Nurse Defarge pledges to stick by Sophia until she can walk again - Unfortunately for Sophia, Dorothy happens upon her walking to the coffee table for a magazine, ending the charade. Sophia explains that she enjoyed having someone look after her. Dorothy explains she makes Sophia do things for herself to keep her active and vital. Blanche, on the other hand, is trying to keep her granddaughter entertained, something she's never had to contend with since she sent her own children to boarding school. Dorothy suggest she do something for fun that they'd both enjoy; the zoo of circus. Completely missing the point, Blanche signs Melissa up for the Little Miss Miami Pageant, becoming so overbearing in her desire for Melissa to win that it's become painfully obvious to everyone that Melissa isn't having any fun at all. The pageant scene included a beautifully, underplayed cameo appearance by Lauren Wideman, as opposed to the shameless scene glutting by those Gamble kids. During the talent portion of the pageant, Melissa freezes in front of the audience. Blanche comes out and drags Melissa through her routine, ending in Melissa running off stage in tears. Blanche apologizes, wanting to keep their relationship from becoming what her and her daughter, Janet's has become: cold and distant. Melissa agrees to give her another shot at being "the best Grandma in the whole world."

Biff Rose Children Of LightBiff Rose Children Of LightBiff Rose Children Of LightBiff Rose Children Of Light