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The game was developed as a result of the unexpected critical success that its predecessor, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors , received in North America. Game director Kotaro Uchikoshi wrote the script, which was then localized by Aksys Games and Rising Star Games for North America and Europe respectively. Virtue's Last Reward was released to positive reviews. Critics praised the story and characters but were divided in their opinions of the Escape sections. Despite positive reviews, the game was a commercial failure in Japan, which led to the temporary cancellation of its sequel. Development on the sequel eventually resumed, and Zero Time Dilemma was released in 2016.

Although there is little information on the Sports EV thus far, it seems the concept will essentially be a sports car version of the Urban EV, since it will utilize the same platform. Honda says the concept has artificial intelligence and supple surfaces with a friendly front fascia, just like the Urban EV.

Concept Nine No Escape WhenConcept Nine No Escape WhenConcept Nine No Escape WhenConcept Nine No Escape When