Yoko ono mrs lennon

Listenability : 4/5 . One point off for the silly avantgarde stuff, but nobody pays attention to that stuff anyway.
Resonance : 5+/5 . I could put even more pluses there. Who's EVER been more resonant than this guy?
Originality : 2/5 . It's overlooked, but in many ways, Lennon's early Seventies' stuff was pretty unique.
Adequacy : 4/5 . Some political bullshit encumbers his legacy, but otherwise, it's almost perfect.
Diversity : 3/5 . As far as "singer-songwriting" goes, he's significantly diverse.
Overall : + = B on the rating scale.

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Yoko Ono Mrs LennonYoko Ono Mrs LennonYoko Ono Mrs LennonYoko Ono Mrs Lennon