Con funk shun touch

This album starts off with the funk groove "Too Tight," which peaked at number eight on the Billboard R&B charts. Complemented by the swinging horn intro, the lyrics and the vocals are an enticement to the dancefloor. It's followed by another dance-flavored track, "Lady's Wild," which features a catchy hook and a party ad lib. Two mellowed-out numbers in "Give Your Love to Me" and "Can't Say Goodbye" never made the charts. The former offers jazzy interlude solos by Michael Cooper (rhythm guitar) and Felton Pilate (trombone), and the latter is a quiet storm favorite.

In 1976, Con Funk Shun signed to Mercury Records , releasing 11 albums over a span of 10 years. The group's 1977 LP, Secrets, was certified gold in the US, as were 1978's Loveshine, 1979's Candy, and 1980's Spirit of Love. [1] They scored a string of top ten hits on the US Billboard black singles chart , including 1977's " Ffun " (#1), 1978's "Shake and Dance with Me" (#5), 1979's "Chase Me" (#4), 1980s "Got to Be Enough" (#8), and "Too Tight" (#8). Tensions from within the group built over the 1980s, and the group's last album, Burning Love, was recorded without songwriter and vocalist Felton Pilate . After leaving Mercury, the original band members ceased performing and recording as Con Funk Shun in 1987.

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Con Funk Shun TouchCon Funk Shun TouchCon Funk Shun TouchCon Funk Shun Touch