Sylvester i who have nothing

"That movie was the toughest sell of all," the actor recalled of "Rocky Balboa" on a recent afternoon. "'Rocky V' was considered a failure financially and critically. Now 15 years have passed. 'You want to play a boxer who's 60 years old — you're joking, right?'" He let out a low chuckle. "This was Max Bialystock territory." When the film proved a commercial and critical success, earning $156 million worldwide, Stallone figured he should probably quit while he was ahead.

Neighborhood: Being a celebrity clad area Beverly hills’ has many famous people residing in the locality. Jennifer Aniston, Mark Robert Michael, Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and many others have their homes in Beverly Hills.

Friends of the horror movie distributor and actor told PEOPLE that Sage lived a very different life from his famous father, avoiding the gym and consuming little more than junk food, soda and cigarettes. They also said he routinely took various prescription medications.

Sylvester I Who Have NothingSylvester I Who Have NothingSylvester I Who Have NothingSylvester I Who Have Nothing