Savages roses are red my love quiet town

They would sign with the Duane label, which also housed the Gents, run by Eddie DeMello, who would also manage the band and produce their material. [2] The group had previously done mostly covers of other artists' songs, until they were asked by the label to cut a full album of material, which necessitated the urge to come up with a batch of original songs. [2] DeMello decided to record the album live as a way of capturing their natural excitement. So, on February 6, 1966, the band were recorded during a live performance in front of about 150 patrons at the Hub, which featured the group doing self-composed songs such as "Poor Man’s Son", "Man on the Moon", "Quiet Town", and the ventful "The World Ain't Round It's Square," sung in a scowling voice by Bobby Zuill. [1] [2] [3] According to Rob Zuill, "...we were so scared that we played everything too fast..." The album also would contain three cover songs from the performance, which would include a version of the Icelandic song, "Ertu Med" which would also be recorded in a very different manner by Thor's Hammer later in 1966. [2] One of Savages' original songs recorded this night, "No No No," would be covered by Connecticut band The Instincts. [2] The resulting album taken from the show, Live 'n Wild, was a surprisingly diverse collection, containing a balance of rock & roll songs and ballads. [1] [2] Four songs would appear as A and B sides on singles, including "The World Ain't Round It's Square." [2]

Savages Roses Are Red My Love Quiet TownSavages Roses Are Red My Love Quiet TownSavages Roses Are Red My Love Quiet TownSavages Roses Are Red My Love Quiet Town