Kalyanji anandji dulha dulhan

Kalyanji was born on June 30, 1928 to Virji Shah, a businessman from Kuchh (Gujarat), who moved to Girgaum (Mumbai) and ran a kirana shop there. His brother Anandji was born in 1933. The brothers were fond of music from childhood, and they learnt from a music teacher, who was not able to pay the bills for the provision store of their father. Kalyanji could play many instruments proficiently and set up an orchestra group called ‘Kalyanji Virji & Party’, which earned some name in the neighbourhood for its shows. Soon he became assistant to Hemant Kumar and got enormous recognition for creating the been music of Man dole tera tan dole ( Nagin, 1954) on an electronic instrument clavioline (predecessor of modern synthesiser).

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Kalyanji Anandji Dulha DulhanKalyanji Anandji Dulha DulhanKalyanji Anandji Dulha DulhanKalyanji Anandji Dulha Dulhan