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20 FINGERS 2-4 Family 29 PALMS 2B - PORTUGAL 2RAUMWOHNUNG 3 (THREE) 3 . BAND 3 DOORS DOWN 3 FORCE 3 INCHES OF BLOOD 3 OF A KIND 3 Piece Suite 3 SUD EST 3 T (Group) 3+3 PERKUSIONEN ANSAMBUL 30 SECONDS TO MARS 3-11 Porter 36 CRAZYFEATS 38 SPECIAL 3-D 3LW 3rd Boulevard 3RD EDGE 3RD FORCE 3rd Strike 3RD WISH 3SL 4 CLUBBERS 4 FX 4 HERO 4 NON BLONDES 4 Strings 4 The Cause 4 UNIQUE 49 ERS 4kids 4TH CHILD 5 NIZZA 5 STARS 50 Cent 50 GRIND 56K 5th Dimension 5-TI ELEMENT 5XL 63 High 69 (JAZZ) 69 BOYZ 69 EYES 702 (band) 75 Cent 78 BIT 7Grani 7TH DISTRICT 80_S STARS 84 KING STREET 883 (EIGHT EIGHT THREE)

I promised to make a mix for LDBK and it is finally ready. It took quite some time to make the research and track selection, as I had this concept and wanted to make it perfect. The idea is to create a mixtape revolving and complementing what is in my opinion one of the best movies ever made – Stalker. In order to achieve the desired effect and set the proper mood the mix employs intermissions from the movie’s dialog as well as some bizarre and unconventional music.