Brown sugar confession hurts

The outside of these brown sugar chewy butter pecan cookies bakes to the ULTIMATE golden brown, crispy goodness, while the inside is laced with flavorful notes of DEEP, rich molasses that keep it chewy and PERFECT.

As with all Hourglass Cosmetics these come housed in elegant packaging which obviously shows where your money is good. The slim-line barrel tapers off to a thin point which actually gives the lipstick the look of an eyeliner. If you didn’t know better and saw this laying on someone’s vanity you’d probably think it was an eyeliner. The gold packaging is simple yet quite beautiful. The barrel has some weight to it as well giving it a heavy feel. To swap out the shade it’s fairly simply as a quick, hard tug on the barrel will release the upper portion of the tube and release the lipstick allowing you to snap in another color. Someone recently asked me if the refills swivel up and down without the barrel and they do indeed. Which means if you want to cheapen things up and just buy a refill you can although, it obviously isn’t as pretty as the gold barrel. In some ways, the barrel is an accessory of sorts as you can interchange shades and use the same elegant barrel to carry them in. It’s also incredibly travel-friendly and small enough to tuck into your pocket or an evening clutch. I also liked the way they printed the names of the shade on the inner tube. When you’re swapping shades in and out this could prove handy to remind yourself which shade is inside the currently loaded in the barrel.

Brown Sugar Confession HurtsBrown Sugar Confession HurtsBrown Sugar Confession HurtsBrown Sugar Confession Hurts