The wall new way

Silver Ring , a thinner version of Golden Ring, allows us to enter into this new view. This is a solution that widens very much the range of use of this kind of lamps. Let’s think about rings fixed on the walls like light frames, hung like mirrors or paintings, real pieces of furniture that meet glances at the same eyes height, lighting up environments  harmoniously.

Wall Township was named for General Garret D. Wall (1783-1850), a lawyer who commanded a Trenton volunteer company during the War of 1812 and was stationed at Sandy Hook . Wall served five years as clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court and as quartermaster general of the state for more than 20 years before being chosen to represent the state in the United States Senate from 1835 to 1841. [23] [24] [25]

The Wall New WayThe Wall New WayThe Wall New WayThe Wall New Way