Zebra closer to the feeling

For over a decade, Katie Couric was a morning-time staple in America's collective living room as a Today show co-anchor alongside Matt Lauer. Then, in a surprising move in 2006, she left NBC in...

The reference book “Marktplätze im Umbruch”, is now a bestseller in the area of “IT, digitalisation and industry ”. Dr. Thomas Altenhain, Konrad Ess and Attul Sehgal contributed to this publication with the chapter “Nur Bares ist Wahres – Kundenbindung in Zeiten der Digitalisierung des Retail-Bankgeschäfts”. The authors elaborate on the digitalisation of economic life […]

R110Xi4 can print/encode small RFID tags spaced closer together—with a distance (pitch) as narrow as ”/16 mm or less on most RFID inlays, smaller than what other printer/encoders can accommodate.  By spacing inlays closer, label converters use less material—which for your organisation means lower  cost per label, fewer media roll changes and faster printer/encoder throughput for your organisation.

Zebra Closer To The FeelingZebra Closer To The FeelingZebra Closer To The FeelingZebra Closer To The Feeling