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Thank you for visiting the official website of The Surfaris . The Surfaris are an instrumental surf band that my three bandmates, Jim Fuller, Pat Connolly, Ron Wilson and I started back in the fall of 1962. We are best known for writing and performing the 1963 hit song "Wipe Out."  
Wipe Out has sold millions of records and song downloads worldwide. According to BMI Inc. the song has been played on the radio over 5 million times.

Wipe Out has a life of its own with placement in numerous blockbuster movies including  The Sandlot starring River Phoenix,  Meet The Parents with Robert Dinero, Disney's Surf's Up  and Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze. The song has also been licensed for numerous television commercials including Delta Faucets and Stridex .  Wipe Out is currently featured on Broadway in a new musical called "Trip Of Love."  Recently, team Yolo scored 39 out 40 points on ABC's Dancing With The Stars with their dance routine choreographed to Wipe Out. The Dirty Dancing stage musical continues to rock audiences around the world with the "Wipe Out" dance segment.

One of my favorite accomplishments is the Wipe Out recognition as one of the most popular and influential instrumental songs of all time by Billboard Magazine and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . This year, my 1962 Fender Reverb Unit  was featured in the Musicians Hall of Fame museum, in Nashville, TN. I still enjoy leading the current band and performing as The Surfaris today. Keep in touch through /surfaris , and I hope you like the new website. 

Surf's Still Up!
- Bob Berryhill

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The Surfaris appreciate the media and always make efforts to reach out to communities via radio, TV, print media and online media outlets.  
For Bio info for talking points go to: The Surfaris BIO .  The Surfaris would request that at the end of an interview, the host/writer leave a few minutes/lines to talk about and play a song from The Surfaris new album "The Surfaris Hurley Sessions."   For Upcoming concert dates
To request:
1. Interview with Bob Berryhill 
2. Album review media copy of The Surfaris Hurley Sessions CD or a  downloadable
version via Dropbox 
Contact Bob Berryhill at [email protected]  

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The Surfaris The SurfarisThe Surfaris The SurfarisThe Surfaris The SurfarisThe Surfaris The Surfaris